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Welcome to TradeRep

1,174,258 profiles tracked. 320 reputation tags issued by 13 communities.

We realize that it's hard to decide who to trust when trading for big-ticket items on Steam. How often do you find yourself searching the entire Internet for a user's Steam ID before trading with them to see what other people have said about them?

With TradeRep, searching for information is a thing of the past. We provide an easy-to-use interface for trading communities to track reputation of traders and then we compile it all into a single, simple, page.

Give it a try. Search for a Steam user using the box below. Once you've got the hang of it, we encourage you to sign in through Steam to customize your trusted-communities list so that every time you search for someone, the results we show you will be custom-tailored to you. You can also check out the FAQ for answers to your frequently-asked questions.